The spatial and visual concept behind the Tekstiili18 exhibition is to evoke a multidisciplinary and multi sensory experience.

The aim was to elevate textiles and textile design into a higher level by creating an elegant and dignified surroundings inspired by the dramatic light of Caravaggio’s paintings and the majestic architecture of chapels. The spatial and visual concept plays with the contrast of classical and contemporary and with the idea of motion in motionless; the embodied movement in textiles.

Exhibition Architect: Hanna Niskanen
Spatial team: Matilda Palmu, Jin Choi
Student Project Coordinators: Anna-Mari Leppisaari, Oldouz Moslemian
Visual concept: Sofia Kolovskaya
Producer: Matilda Palmu
Curator: Maarit Salolainen


This video is a presentation of an exploration around movement and textile, dwelling in a dramatic light and velvety darkness. In this realm, we observe how movement, light and material interact with one another, and how repetitive motion turns into an expression of stillness. A living textile draws waves into light and resists air. Motion and stillness are interwoven; one emanates amidst the other, creating a sense, not of duality but of wholeness.

Video: Eeva Suorlahti
Dance: Emmi Pennanen
Sound: M Wingren
Concept: Tekstiili18 spatial team
Dress: Hanna-Maaria Sinkkonen
Woven screen: Nathalia Mussi Weidlich
Textiles in space: Anna Sorri & Maija Leskelä